Your Special Way to Help Suffering Elderly Jews

An Isaiah 58 Success Story

Solomon fought the Nazis in World War II, even as they murdered his family. Today, he is living out his final years in a tiny, dilapidated, unheated shanty. Before our Isaiah 58 caregivers of The Fellowship reached Solomon with lifesaving food and other essentials, he had often gone hungry trying to survive on a paltry pension of $15 a month!

My friend, we need your help to care for the most destitute, like Solomon.

As a way to help many vulnerable Jews, I invite you to join me in an “Isaiah 58 fast”. Isaiah asks in the name of God, “Is this not the kind of fasting I have chosen?” (Isaiah 58:6). Then He revealed to us the elements of the fast that are pleasing to Him (v.7):

  • Dividing our bread with the hungry

  • Sheltering the homeless

  • Clothing the naked

These acts of compassion are also the mandate of The Fellowship’s Isaiah 58 program of care for suffering elderly Jews in the former Soviet Union. I believe God called us to this ministry to help people like Solomon.

When you take faithful action and support the Jewish people, I know that you too can share in the blessing of the Isaiah 58 fast:

  • v. 8: You will be a light in darkness and experience rapid recovery; your righteousness will be proclaimed, and God’s glory will protect you

  • v. 9: The Lord will manifest His presence in your life

  • v. 10: Your gloom will lift producing a better attitude toward life, and

  • v. 11: God will guide you and satisfy your needs, and you will have divine strength.

And that is why I ask you to join with us and stand with the Jewish people today by giving your most generous gift – for the sake of these desperate people, and to “divide your bread with the hungry”. Every single gift provides critical care for elderly Jews, like Solomon.

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