Helping a Blind Woman Through the Terror of War

A Guardians of Israel Success Story

One year ago Israel was at war. During this time of great fear, need, and danger, The Fellowship sprang into action to help meet the countless needs across the Holy Land – from providing additional bomb shelters to delivering meals to elderly shut-ins. The Fellowship’s Yael Eckstein recently visited some of the people we helped during Operation Protective Edge – and have continued to help ever since.

Hana, an 82-year-old blind woman with many health issues, has no shelter in her run-down apartment building, so last summer was especially terrifying for her. When we learned about Hana’s struggles, we immediately began delivering her meals – and signed her up for our With Dignity and Fellowship program, which provides meals, medicines, and companionship for Israel’s impoverished elderly. When Yael recently visited Hana, she couldn’t stop blessing Rabbi Eckstein and The Fellowship’s donors for the lifesaving support.

Likewise, Fraicha also has no protective shelter in her home and walks with great difficulty because of her health problems – meaning her only protection from incoming rockets is prayer. Miryam, an 80-year-old seventh generation Israeli, ran out of food during the war, was too scared to go buy more, and didn’t have the money for it anyway. Fellowship volunteers regularly visited both women during last summer’s war, and continue to do so today through our With Dignity and Fellowship program, delivering warm meals and much-needed companionship.

“It’s heartbreaking to find elderly in such difficult situations like Hana,” Yael said after her visit. “She reminds us that there are so many more people we haven’t gotten to yet. We need to do more to help these precious elderly.”

When you support our Guardians of Israel program, you provide that lifesaving help to these impoverished elderly who are in great need year-round, and especially during times of war. Help us remind these precious souls they are not alone.

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