Escaping Terror in Their Own Neighborhood

An On Wings of Eagles Success Story

Igor and his wife, Olga, lived in terror for months. They lived in eastern Ukraine, and the constant gunfire placed their lives in danger. Twice, they had to spend the night in their basement because the shooting occurred so close to their home. Igor was also regularly threatened by his neighbor because of his political beliefs.

One morning, Igor and Olga fled to central Ukraine with their son, desperate to escape the warzone. They took only two suitcases with them, and were unable to return to their home to get the rest of their belongings. But that didn’t matter; all they wanted was to live in a quiet atmosphere where they felt safe.

Thankfully, The Fellowship made their dream come true. Igor, Olga, and their son were all on a recent Fellowship Freedom Flight, which rescued hundreds of Ukrainian Jews and brought them safely to Israel. They are so grateful to The Fellowship for changing their lives!

While they settle into their new life, with ongoing help from The Fellowship, we know there are many more families living in terror who desperately want to escape the warzone their Ukrainian neighborhoods have become. Please provide help so the next Igor and Olga can escape the constant fear and raise their children in safety, stability, and peace. With your generous support, we can fill the next Fellowship Freedom Flight!

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