Be a Guardian of Israel Today!

You can help elderly Holocaust survivors and families in Israel today. Your gift will provide food, medicine and clothing to those who need it most in the Holy Land now and throughout the year.

From Rabbi Eckstein


People of the Book

This past weekend the Jewish people celebrated Shavuot, commemorating the giving of God’s Word on Mount Sinai – His Word that brings us solace, strength, and spiritual fulfillment in times of joy and prosperity, as well as during periods of suffering and adversity.

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Who We Help


Your Special Way to Help Suffering Elderly Jews

Solomon fought the Nazis in World War II, and today he is living out his final years in a tiny dilapidated shanty. With your help our Isaiah 58 caregivers reached Solomon with lifesaving food and aid. The Fellowship needs your help to care for more elderly and destitute Jews like Solomon. Learn about our Isaiah 58 Fast.

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Helping a Blind Woman Through the Terror of War

Yael recently visited Hana, an 82-year-old blind woman with many health issues and no shelter in her run-down apartment building. Last summer’s war was especially terrifying for Hana, until The Fellowship discovered her situation and stepped in to offer lifesaving help.

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Escaping Terror in Their Own Neighborhood

Igor, Olga, and their son fled the violence in their central Ukraine neighborhood and were without hope until they joined a Fellowship Freedom Flight. Help us fill the next flight!

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Help Us Ease the Suffering

Now more than ever, it is crucial that we all stand together and say, “The enemies of Israel must be stopped!” Every day the threat increases as the Jewish people are surrounded by terrorist and rogue nations who openly declare their intention to obliterate them from the face of the earth!

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